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Shralp engage

Back in the late 80′s and early Nineties there weren’t  many Pros on the worldwide circuit, not like nowadays when there are way too many to list. So it tends to be a big deal to know that a New Zealander managed to make such a large impact on the industry.
Along side names like Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowsi, Tony Hawk and Christain Hosoi to name a few sat  NZ’s own Lee Ralph.  Lee’s short stint on the Pro circuit left a huge footprint within the American and Worldwide skate scene, It has been said he “stormed into American vert skating in the 80′s,  invented ten or so tricks (most barefoot) and then disappeared as quickly as he arrived, people have been talking about him ever since”. Lee is a living Legend, alive and well popping up in various towns around New Zealand when he is not hiding away carving up a storm.

Circle Jerks - World Up My Ass

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Hayden Burns - It’s a Secret

This photo of Jay was shot in 1975 by his father Kent skating his driveway outside there house in Venice. Jay’s style and aggression on his board paved the way for what skateboarding is today. Forever in our hearts! 


Various ads for Ed Templeton’s signature shoes, the Emerica Templeton. Vegan.

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